Who Is The Founder Of Modern Chemistry?

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier is the founder of modern chemistry. Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier was a French aristocrat and scientist who played a pivotal role in the 18th-century chemical revolution.

It is generally agreed that Lavoisier’s significant contributions to chemistry originate primarily from his transformation of the field from qualitative to quantitative.

Lavoisier is most well-known for discovering the significance of oxygen in combustion. He identified and named oxygen and hydrogen in 1778 and 1783, respectively, and challenged the phlogiston idea.

Lavoisier contributed to developing the metric system, compiled the first exhaustive list of elements, and reformed chemical nomenclature. He anticipated the formation of silicon in 1787 and established that although the form or shape of matter may vary, its mass stays constant.

File:Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. Lithograph by Z. Belliard after J Wellcome  V0003416.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

Lavoisier was an influential member of several aristocratic councils and the administrator of the Ferme générale. Due to the riches, it made at the cost of the state, the secrecy of its contracts, and the brutality of its armed agents, the Ferme générale was one of the most despised institutions of the Ancien Régime.

These political and economic endeavors allowed him to support his scientific studies. During the height of the French Revolution, he was accused of tax evasion and peddling tainted tobacco and was executed by guillotine.

The existence of interdisciplinary fields of study such as physical chemistry, biochemistry, physiological botany, etc., is one indication of this broader perspective; and some of the greatest scientific advances of the twenty-first century are occurring at the interfaces between the various sciences.

Numerous scientists consider that chemistry became a legitimate discipline in the 18th century. Antoine Lavoisier’s (France) exploration of air, Joseph Priestly’s (England) discovery of oxygen, and the new scientific language of chemistry contributed.

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