Who Coined The Term Biology?

In the 19th era, biological science emerged from the medical traditions of Ayurveda and old Egyptian medicine back to the idea of biology.

The term “biology” was coined by Lamarck and Treviranus.Β  Treviranus is not only a German physician but also a naturalist

Who Coined The Term Biology?

L0020766 Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Lamarck. Photogravure
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Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet Lamarck. Photogravure after C. ThΓ©venin, 1801.
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In 1802, the French scientist Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Lamarck (1744–1829) was best known for creating the term “biology” (from the Greek concepts bios, signifying “life,” and logy, meaning “study of”) to characterize the study of life.

He was the first to create a version of an evolutionary tree that detailed the ancient links between species (an early categorization system) and the first to discriminate between vertebrates and invertebrates. He is generally regarded as one of the first evolutionists.

Biology is the branch of science that investigates living beings. Two scientists, Lamarck and Treviranus, simultaneously developed the word biology.

Lamarck invented the phrase to describe the study of living forms and their different disciplines, such as zoology, botany, and biochemistry. Treviranus invented the word after analyzing the conditions under which various living forms survive.

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