What Is U In Physics?

In classical physics, the symbol U frequently represents potential energy. It is used as a symbol for gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy. U is used to denoting electrical potential energy in electrodynamics.

U measures energy in joules. V measures the energy per coulomb of charge in volts. They are comparable but suppose you were asked about the electron’s potential energy.

Similarly, one may wonder what U and V represent in physics.

File:CNX UPhysics 15 02 EnerTotSpr.png - Wikimedia Commons

V = final velocity and u = initial velocity, t equals time.

Which are the three kinematic equations? The purpose of this section is to construct new equations that explain the motion of an object in its three kinematic variables: velocity (v), location (s), and time (t). Velocity-time, position-time, and velocity-position are the three possible combinations.

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