How To Review And Plan For The Mcat Exam In The United States?

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Students who want to apply to medical schools in the United States, Canada, etc. may need to take the MCAT exam , which is the entrance exam for most medical schools. For many students, the MCAT exam is still very difficult, but a reasonable test preparation plan may bring unexpected results to the exam.

Today, I would like to share some suggestions for MCAT exam review planning, hoping to help everyone.

How to review and plan for the MCAT exam in the United States?

Tips for customizing your study plan

1: Customize your own study plan according to the MCAT exam time and medical school application time.

MCAT now basically has examination time throughout the year. Compared with North American examination venues, Asian examination venues (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) have fewer test seats and fewer examination sessions.

Therefore, if you want to take the MCAT test in Asia, you should book the test seat in advance and start the review plan. Generally speaking, within one month before the exam, it is difficult to register for the exam again.

At present, most medical schools submit applications through the unified system of AMCAS, and most of the application deadlines are between September and December. At the time of submitting the application, you should have MCAT scores that can be submitted, otherwise the medical school will not consider your application.

It takes about one and a half months to issue MCAT scores, so you need to plan the test time in advance.

Reminder: Mainland candidates must allow enough time to apply for a visa before taking the exam in a foreign country, and it is best to find a small partner to go with them.

2: Correctly select relevant review materials.

The MCAT review materials currently on the market mainly include the following types:

1. AAMC official test questions. AAMC does not officially publish tutorial books for teaching materials, but there are many real or simulated real questions.

  • Three sets of complete test questions
  • Two sets of CARS reading
  • Two sets of creatures
  • A set of physics
  • A set of chemistry

The price of each set of questions is about 20-50 US dollars. Non-North American candidates generally choose to purchase the electronic version.

2. Kaplan 7 MCAT study materials.

Kaplan has published 7 MCAT books: biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, psychology and sociology, mathematics and physics, and reading CARS.

This set of books should be the most comprehensive and detailed review materials on the market. For students who have not been exposed to certain subjects, this set of textbooks will not be too difficult to understand.

I recommend this set of books by Kaplan.

3.Barron’s New MCAT

Baron’s teaching materials are relatively small and difficult, which may seem difficult for beginners. There are more test questions than Kaplan, but they are not very similar to the real questions. They mainly examine the knowledge points mentioned in the previous chapters.

Be realistic and rational about the time you invest in preparing for the exam.

When making a test plan, it is necessary to rationally plan the study time that can be devoted to the MCAT every day. Most students preparing for the MCAT are still in school or working, and can only spend 2-3 hours a day studying the MCAT.

There are a lot of MCAT review content, but when planning, don’t set unrealistic learning goals for yourself, for example: read chapters 1-3 today. Failure to complete the tasks according to the daily study plan will not only make you confused, but also cause a lot of psychological pressure on yourself, which will have a negative impact on your MCAT study.

When planning your studies, don’t forget to give yourself one free day a week to rest and adjust. Don’t schedule any MCAT study tasks on this day, just relax, watch a movie, and hang out with friends. This is not only a buffer for learning, but also a day to make up for missing learning content this week.

Find peers who study with you.

MCAT is a relatively unpopular exam in China, and the difficulty and intensity of the exam are very high. It is inevitable that a person will feel tired or want to give up if he stretches the front line to study. Finding a buddy to work with can be very helpful.

2 months review plan

the first week

In the first week, you should first understand the content of the MCAT test and carefully read the official test information MCAT Essential Guide. Choose a complete set of test questions, or test questions provided by other tutoring websites, familiarize yourself with the question types and content of the exam, and find out your weaker parts, and strengthen your study in the process of reviewing and preparing for the exam.

2nd to 8th week

Follow the review plan to learn all the MCAT knowledge points. Difficulties in learning should be analyzed and answered in a timely manner, otherwise it will cause a snowball effect to accumulate many problems.

The focus of the study in these few weeks is to intersperse the review of CARS in the daily review. The reason why many MCAT candidates fail the exam is that too much emphasis is placed on the review and study of the science part and the skimming comprehension is ignored.

MCAT divides reading comprehension into a separate part, and the score accounts for 1/4 of the total score, which shows its importance.

Especially for international candidates, MCAT reading is very difficult, and they should practice every day to strengthen their reading ability, understanding of articles, and grasp of the thinking of the questions. The score of the CARS part also reflects the English language ability of the candidates to a large extent like the medical school.

The above are the MCAT exam review planning suggestions shared with you. I hope it will be helpful for your preparation. If you feel that the MCAT exam is difficult and you can’t cope with it, you can also ask our professional MCAT exam tutors for help ~

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