Detailed Subject Explanation: How Difficult Is Ap Physics C?

Unlike AP Physics 1 & 2, which are more widely oriented, AP Physics C is much higher in terms of course depth and exam difficulty. It is recommended to choose easily. So how difficult is AP Physics C ? Today, the editor of A Plus Future will introduce the content of the AP Physics C course and the exam situation, hoping to help you have an in-depth understanding of the AP Physics C course.

1. Introduction of examination subjects

The AP Physics C course consists of two courses, Physics C Mechanics and Physics C Electromagnetics.

For the physics class C exam, the biggest feature is the addition of the compound investigation of calculus, so the College Board reduces the breadth to reduce the difficulty of the exam, and subdivides the C class physics into mechanics and electromagnetism. Since the form of high depth and small breadth is more in line with the learning characteristics of domestic students, in previous years, the full score rate of students in category C examinations can be as high as 35%, and the scores of category C are more valued by foreign universities, and most of the students also These subjects will be selected for the examination.

2. Scores

The full marks for physics last year are as follows:

The 5-point rate for AP Physics 1 is only 6%, and the 5-point rate for AP Physics 2 is 13%. The more difficult AP Physics C Mechanics and AP Physics C Electromagnetics have a 5-point rate of 35% (38%, Set2 paper) and 33%, respectively. This is because candidates who choose AP Physics C generally have strong physical skills, and they are more willing to challenge themselves on the higher platform of Physics C; while a considerable part of students who choose Physics 1 are for the purpose of trying It is normal to go to the exam and get unsatisfactory grades. It is suggested that students who are not advanced in physics in the lower grades can apply for Physics 1 first; students who are in the second or third year of senior high school and whose physics level is relatively good can directly prepare for the Physics C exam.

3. Introduction to Exam Questions

The exams of mechanics and electromagnetism are mainly divided into two parts: 35 multiple choices (Multiple choices) and 3 free response questions (Free response questions), each of which accounts for 50% of the score. Calculators are available throughout the exam and formulas are given for each section. At a total of 90 minutes, it is one of the shortest exams in all AP subjects.

4. AP Physics C Exam Syllabus

Physics C Mechanics

  • Unit 1: Kinematics
  • Unit 2: Newton’s Laws
  • Unit 3: Function, energy and power
  • Unit 4: Particle Systems and Linear Momentum
  • Unit 5: Turn
  • Unit 6: Oscillation (simple harmonic motion)
  • Unit 7: Gravity

Although there are many chapters in mechanics, it is not difficult for students with a foundation in physics to find that these are the contents that everyone has generally learned in high school, and many students have studied them thoroughly, so most students are more inclined to apply for this subject, because It will feel very simple. However, the force here combines the basic content of calculus. The expression and application of many formulas combine the angle of differentiation, and there will be variables and equations. Therefore, students with a good foundation should not be overconfident, try to use new It is a very interesting process to learn mechanics from the angle of learning, and everyone should pay attention to it. Friendly reminder: It is helpful to study calculus first, and then study physics C.

Physics C Electromagnetics

  • γ€€γ€€Unit 1: Electrostatics
  • γ€€γ€€Unit 2: Conductance, capacitance and insulators
  • γ€€γ€€Unit 3: Circuit
  • γ€€γ€€Unit 4: Magnetic field
  • γ€€γ€€Unit 5: Electromagnetic Induction

The test method of electromagnetics is similar to that of mechanics, both of which are combined with the form of calculus, but many students will collapse when they first come into contact with electromagnetism, and they will find it so difficult. The scope of electromagnetic research is very narrow. Although the depth is wide, the routines are basically similar and not many. Therefore, when you actually practice the questions, you will find that it is easier to write out the entire solution process for electromagnetics than mechanics. Then also, students who have the basis of calculus are the best.

The above is A plus Xiaobian’s analysis of how difficult AP Physics C is . It can be seen that the content of AP Physics C learning will be more professional, and the requirements for mathematical ability in the inspection will be higher. But as long as you have a good grasp of the basic test points and conduct real test practice under the one-on-one guidance of the A Plus Future International Course teacher, I believe you can master the answering routines well and improve your grades. At the same time, it is recommended that students also study AP Physics C to help them consolidate their knowledge base in mathematics.

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